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Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Planning

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He followed his bride-to-be to every flower store, cake-tasting appointment, and every page of every bridal magazine created, and now it is his turn. Let’s face it; a wedding is primarily about one thing; the bride. She is primarily the one who is fulfilling her childhood dream. Of course, the men I know also enjoy the delight that a wedding brings and are fulfilling their dreams.

The bachelor or bachelorette party is a time to let “loose.” It’s the only event throughout the wedding process that is fun and carefree. This night marks a new phase and commitment in life and should be cherished. Most likely, the one to plan the bachelor party is the best man and, in the case of the bachelorette party, the maid of honor. There are two approaches to planning: 1) find out what the bride or groom would like for her/his last night as a single person, or 2) Make it a surprise with lots of fun and games. I will not begin to describe the number and type of activities you might consider, as they can be easily found online.

I will say this: the best bachelor party I ever attended was one where the groom had no idea what the plan was, but he knew it would be fun. Although some activities were hilarious and required courage, it was good clean fun, and nobody got hurt. I will never forget that night… I was the groom.

If you plan to hire live entertainment during the party, having a professional comedy magician will ensure that the maid of honor and the best man will not be offended or disappointed. For example, the bride or groom might feel that it is despicable, in bad taste, and not morally right for either to hire a stripper for their party. You wouldn’t want to plan something that will cause nuclear fallout.

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Here are a few planning tips for your bachelor or bachelorette party:

If you need transportation, consider hiring a limo, especially if you will be on the go throughout the evening.

If you are not lucky enough to have a rich uncle, father, or father-in-law to pay for the whole night, consider splitting the costs among the group, and don’t forget any tips. Remember, as the night goes on, you might lose your sense of time, so consider tipping in advance. Remember, TIPS are “To Ensure Proper Service.” Although this goes without saying, the bride or groom should not have to shell out money for anything.

Again, the bachelor or bachelorette party marks a transition in lifestyle and the beginning of a lifelong commitment, so have fun, keep it appropriate, and be safe!